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    This is a popular Adidas Body Spray. It gets so many youngsters’ favor. To one’s surprise, it is also a professional spy camera.

    To achieve the function of a spy camera, a pinhole camera is built inside the Adidas Body Spray Bottle. The position is quite secret, so nobody will discover it even when it works. As a professional spy Adidas Body Spray camera, the resolution of the camera is very important. This pinhole cameras resolution is up to 1280×720, it can shoot clear videos so easily. To increase the shooting time, large capacity battery and a 16GB memory card are used. You dont need to plus any batteries or memory cards and this product can work continuously for about 10 hours. No wonder the user can get long time wonderful videos from it. If you want to shoot something amazing without notice, you can consider this good quality Spy Men’s Fragrance Pinhole Camera. Its such a good assistant.


    Camera parameter
    Camera functions
    Video resolution 1280×720 1 Continuous video recording yes
    Video formats *.AVI 2 Motion detection no
    Clarity of HD HD 3 Remote control no
    Frame Rate 30 fps 4 Infrared no
    Lens Pinhole 5.0M 5 waterproof yes
    Memory 16GB 6 PC camera yes
    Lithium battery 2000mAH 7 Time and date No(requested)
    Working hours 8~10h 8 Auto save file yes
    Weight 500g 9 AV in/out no
    USB 2.0 10 Reset yes
    The charger DC-5V/1A 11 Recording while charging no
    Warranty 1year 12 Loop recording no
    Video cording M-JPEG 13 Sound recording yes
    Photo Format *.JPG 14 Indication light Indication light off during recording
    Working temperature -10~50 15 Other features hidden Camera

    Friendly Advice

    Video Demonstration Click the link bellow in YOUTUBE.COM

    In order to better protect the buyer’s benefit, before buying a professional bathroom spy pinhole camera, please read the introduction of the product and have a look at the video demonstration sample provided by onlinespycam.com. Please contact us for more information about this product.


    1. Spy Adidas Body Spray camera 16GB 1pcs
    2. 2.0 High Speed USB CABLE 1pcs
    3. USB Charger 1pcs
    4. Camera Operating Manual 1pcs

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