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    Photographer Jakarta focus gives information of the best service photography area for advertising product matter in print media or electronic. A lot of area photography which can be done in its relation with world of advertising and promotion , we in differentiating some examples of like following :

    1. Advertising Photo / Promotion.
    Expert in making of matter photography advertising to various products – product consumer like :

    Product Fashion
    Photograph for product fashion brand – brand known as in the World or product fashion planning fashion designer Indonesia.

    Cosmetic Product
    Photograph for beauty product of International brand or beauty product in country.

    Ornament Product
    Photograph for ornament product / jewelry.

    Perfume Product
    Photograph for product – perfume product / fragrance from brand – brand popular in the world.

    Treatment Product of Body
    Photograph for treatment product of body like : shampoo , soap , tooth paste etc.

    Food Product & Beverage
    Photograph for food product like milk product , snack product , various beverage advertisement products.

    Electronic Product / Gadget
    Photograph for electronic product like product TV , Refrigerator , Ac , Computer , Laptop , Hand phone etc.

    Product automotive
    Photograph for product automotive like car , motor , plane etc.

    Property Product
    Photograph for property product like Apartment , Housing , Shopping Complex etc.

    Banking Product & Insurance
    Photograph for Bank product and insurance product.

    Tourism Product & Hotel
    Photograph for tourism product like tourism place , hotel , travel agent etc.

    Mining Product of Oil & Gas
    Photograph for mining advertisement , product oil , fuel product , mine / drilling of oil etc.

    2. Advertisement Photo Billboard.
    Photography advertisement billboard for certain merchandising / launching a Newest film , event of Live concert music and other billboard advertisement.

    3. Corporate Photo / Company Profile.
    Photography for making of Company profile a Big Company like Company profile for Company of Bank , Insurance Company , Airline , Oil company & Mining , Company of Hotel , Company of Hospital , Company of Property , Company of automotive etc.

    4. Music album Wrapper photo.
    Making of photography for music album wrapper for Group Band , Singer and Musicians in Indonesia.

    5.Music clip Video.
    Making of music clip video for program matter TV , promotion launching new album , soundtrack and album demonstration.

    5 categories above work which can be implemented some photographer professional. Development of world of photography in Jakarta Indonesia quite gladdens , besides market share and growth potency of business in various areas also develops well. Expected by there is a kind of connection or relation braid of business between photographer Jakarta with photographer from whole world which wish to correlate business , maintain cooperation and sharing each other information.

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